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i'm a gurl, slightly vertically challenged, i lurve starz, i'm happy.. =)

Saturday, October 11, 2008
I attended joshua and andrea's wedding..super sweet cannn..super jiwang after the wedding..hehe..
and the dress i'm wearing is not mine..but i super like it..so thank u janica!!! =)

with inez
with jimmy

with eulynn

with zhengyi, one of the groom's men

with lawrence

with iris

with usha the pianist for the day and iris

with the ever fashionable maymay

with stan and ray (duet partner for "from this moment"-super love this song after the wedding mannn!)

with josh toh the man of the day!! look how happy he is..hehe..

with kaiting the princess =P

with sam the violinist

with chris

with soonkhit aka kit kat, chris, leon aka monkey, jimmy aka bigbigone and jacjac

with pretty galzz!!

with jon

with wilson the farnie fella

with josh lim

with max (who is standing one step lower + bending his knees.. get how tall he is?)

with marcus

with red haired charlene

with may, jac and ailin

with pawleeeen!!

with the newly weds, yeemei and jac..andrea so pretty laaaa..!!

sha sha doing her thing on the grand piano

pretty shasha and me

ahh..me, flowers and piano..the best combi.. =)

alot of pplz..

more pplz..

with baby aimee! love this pic to the max.. =)

doink pic of me taken when i was busy signing the congratulatory card
night dinner with pia and fangtyng

sha me and lin

with zhengyi
not much dinner pics..mostly came out not nice coz of the dim lights..so that's all la..

wedding's are always so nice..ahh..


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008
i had a coursemate's mask bday party..so i made this:

nice rightttt..all my creative juices poured out to make this..

everyone with their masks..

look at her bday muffins!! so cute cannn..

all her candles are stars la!! hee so nice..

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heyz..i've been away (from my blog) for such a longggg time..anyway..

i cut my hair!!

this was before..super long right? nearly reach my waist..actually, i think reach my waist adi..too long..messy and hard to maintain..use so much shampoo everytime..tsk tsk..

this is during..super scary la let this la-la looking guy cut!!but then i heard he won awards before and etc..and he's the manager of this branch of Top Image, summore the friend who brought me (karen) highly recommended him..so i suppose he's good laa..

this was how i looked like after cutting..then i went and see karen (who was shopping elsewhere) and she said i should have shorter fringe..so we went back to the shop and requested..

and this is how i look like now! =)

besides the fact that my frindge keeps making my eyes itchy, i actually quite like the way i look like now..some say i look even younger now..as if i dont look young enough usually..aih..

so i wear a hairband..to prevent the hair from falling down.. =D

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
ok part 2 of hillsongs pics..pics i got from other ppl.. =)

at the perth airport, waiting to depart
upon reaching, camwhore with jac =P

thomas, pia, jin and evan with funky specs! haha..

introducing our bus driver throughout conference, mr santa claus aka neville

1st day of conference!! the excitement..heee..

look at the amount of ppl!!!

and every chair has a little something in it..super hardworking volunteers mann..

the opening with brooke fraser with a super nice song!

nigel hendroff and his guitar on the big screen!! he was from zion u know..super geng can!!

group photo..

THE most lengchai preacher HAS to be JUDAH SMITH!! OMG he's sooo good looking u will NOT fall asleep!! and he's sooo funny u just keep laughing and laughing!! =P

oh and during the musicians elective, marty sampson came in and started throwing sweets and evan and i got 1 sweet and 1 worm-like thingee!! haha..

ok beh tahan marty sampson is too cute already and brooke fraser is sooooo pretty!!!! reuben morgan so quiet laa..

in another musicians elective, michael gungor, hillsongs main drummer (super geng fella) and israel houghton

battle of the guitars..

leeland and his band, leeland..

israel houghton and darlene i-dunno-how-to-spell-her-lastname

ahh now the pics of me with ppl..me and jacjac!

me and fei

karen me jac

siao pic 1 with evan

siao pic 2

siao pic 3 with jac as well
and omg by the time we were gonna take the 4th pic i cannot tahan and had to laugh already..haha..luckily i got manners and closed my mouth.. =D

karen and jay with hairband..hehe so pretty laa..
me jac and baby aimee

ok yes i'm short and z is like terlalu tall

then chinsend decided he wanted to look tall too..so he asked me to stand in front of him..

max brenner's waffles and choc!!

and banana bread with choc!! omg why cant they open a max brenner here in perth!!

me and evan after church on sunday

thomas jac and wenjun fighting for raw salmon in fish market..hehe..no la not fighting..

jin me and jim

jac jin and me

introducing super cute kaitlyn!!

she got painted with a cat face..!

and once taught how to play with a psp she was concentrating so hard..

watching wizard of oz

ahh and yes i shall end this post of a pic of me and my lengchai JD..ahh..why did i not stand and smile properly..he smile until sooo nice..ish wasted!!

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